Titleimage: Behavioural Ecology

In the Division of Behavioural Ecology, we study the evolutionary mechanisms that shape animal behaviour in an ecologically relevant context. Specific research topics include parental decision making, parental effects and the development of social behaviour, evolution of complex sociality and cooperation, communication networks, cognition, animal personality, and life history strategies. As model systems we currently use Neotropical poison frogs, Cichlid fishes of Lake Tanganyika, and Tokay geckos. We study these animals in the lab as well as in their natural habitat, by combining a diverse set of methodological approaches, including behavioural experiments, ecological manipulations, theoretical modelling, video monitoring, molecular parentage and kinship analyses, gene expression studies, endocrinological manipulations, GIS analyses, and automation of cognitive test designs.


Biology Day 2024

The "fish team" won the first price at Biology Day with their highly engaging performance about social competence in fish

Teacher of the year

Eva was awarded "Teacher of the Year" for third year Biology students specializing in Ecology and Evolution

Faculty price

Mélissa Peignier won the faculty price for the best PhD thesis in Biology! Many congratulations for this great achievment!

PhD defensio

Many congratulations to Dr. Océane LaLoggia for successful defending her PhD thesis! We wish you all the best for your future career!

Behaviour2023 conference in Bielefeld

We had a great time at the Behaviour2023 conference in Bielefeld! Lots of exciting presentations and stimulating discussions for future projects.

SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2023

Francesca's image “Searching for a good father” wins first prize in the category "Object of Study" in the SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2023! A second image (radial arm maze for testing spatial cognition in geckos) was also awarded by the committee!

Fieldwork in French Guiana 2023 started

The 2023 field season in French Guiana just started! All the best for Noelle and Dhanya for their MSc projects!

Hasli Snow Day

We had a fun and sunny day in Grindelwald sliding down all levels from baby area to black slopes!

PhD defensio

Maria successfully defender her PhD thesis! Many congratulations from all of us to your achievements!

PhD defensio

Mélissa successfully defender her PhD thesis! Many congratulations from all of us to your achievements!

New paper in elife

Contrasting parental roles shape sex differences in poison frog space use but not navigational performance

Poster Award to Marina

Marina's interactive "frog tinder" poster was selected as one of the three best posters at ISBE2022! Huge congratulations!


ISBE 2022

International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress 2022, 28th July - 2nd August, 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden


PhD defensio

Congratulations to Irene Garcia Ruiz for a phantastic PhD defense! All the best for your future!


PhD defensio

Congratulations to Jon Andreja (Deja) Nuotclà for his successful PhD defense! All the best for your future career!



Anyelet and Marina win the first price with their highly entertaining presentation about our glassfrog reasearch project at the BiologyDay21


Successful PhD defensio by Diogo Antunes

Diogo successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Life-long developmental effects of the early environment in a cooperatively breeding fish" on 2nd Dec 2020. Congratulations for this great achievement!


New SNSF project

New research project on the reproductive ecology of glassfrogs was just funded by the SNSF! We will study three species of glassfrogs with different mating and parental care systems regarding their space use, communication strategies, and cognition.


New Head of Division

Eva Ringler takes over the Behavioural Ecology Division from Michael Taborsky. Thanks to the warm welcome of the entire Hasli team! Very looking forward to exciting times to come!



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